Update on Upcoming Events for Spring 2021

Dear NAGS Colleagues:

I hope your spring semester is off to a good start! On behalf of the NAGS Executive Committee, I wanted to provide this update on recent activities.  

  1. First, the panel discussion on issues and best practices in developing mentoring relationships is posted on the NAGS website here.
  1. A new panel discussion on holistic admissions will be offered in partnership with our colleagues at ETS on Friday, February 19 from 1-2 pm. You may register for the webinar here and obtain the link to the panel discussion on February 19.

Title:  Holistic Admissions: Recruiting and Admitting Diverse Students 

Description:   Recruiting, admitting, and ensuring the success of a diverse and talented cohort of graduate students is one of the most important tasks graduate faculty undertake. In this panel discussion, three experienced former graduate deans will discuss best practices for recruiting underrepresented students, the use of holistic admission approaches to increase diversity, and strategies to promote the success of every student. Each panelist will share their own experiences and provide recommendations for implementing policies and procedures at your institution.

Presenter Information:

Panelist 1: Maureen Grasso, Professor of Textile Sciences and Former Graduate Dean at North Carolina State University, Former Graduate Dean at University of Georgia, and ETS Graduate Education Advisor

Panelist 2: Carlos Grijalva, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Former Graduate Associate Dean at the University of California, Los Angeles, and ETS Graduate Education Advisor

Panelist 3: Steve Matson, Biology Professor, Former Graduate Dean at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and ETS Graduate Education Advisor

Moderator: Matthew Bashi-Kadlubowski, Associate Director, Academic Support Services, Global Higher Education Division, ETS

  1. The NAGS Executive Committee is assessing the demand for a spring 3MT competition.  We are pleased to announce that Erica Graham from the University of Albany was named the runner-up at the recent CGS 3MT event. If your institution is interested in participating in a spring 3MT competition and will have a finalist by March 31, please indicate your interest here
  1. Finally, please SAVE the DATE of April 9, 2021, for the NAGS annual spring meeting which will feature additional panel discussions and an announcement of the 5 NAGS faculty and student award recipients.

– Scott

Scott Delcourt
NAGS Secretary-Treasurer