Webinars and Events

Spring 2021 Webinar

Holistic Admissions: Recruiting and Admitting Diverse Students


Recruiting, admitting, and ensuring the success of a diverse and talented cohort of graduate students is one of the most important tasks graduate faculty undertake. In this panel discussion, three experienced former graduate deans will discuss best practices for recruiting underrepresented students, the use of holistic admission approaches to increase diversity, and strategies to promote the success of every student. Each panelist will share their own experiences and provide recommendations for implementing policies and procedures at your institution.


image of Maureen GrassoDr. Maureen Grasso, Professor of Textile Sciences and Former Graduate Dean at North Carolina State University, Former Graduate Dean at University of Georgia, and ETS Graduate Education Advisor

image of Carlos GrijalvaDr. Carlos Grijalva, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Former Graduate Associate Dean at the University of California, Los Angeles, and ETS Graduate Education Advisor

image of Steve MatsonDr. Steve Matson, Professor of Biology and Former Graduate Dean at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and ETS Graduate Education Advisor


image of Matthew Bashi-KadlubowskiMatthew Bashi-Kadlubowski, Associate Director, Academic Support Services, Global Higher Education Division, ETS

Fall 2020 Webinar

Issues and Best Practices in Developing Mentoring Relationships


A facilitated discussion on developing mentoring relationships between students and faculty. Moderated by Dr. Elizabeth Kenney, a panel of deans and administrators discuss best practices and issues in mentoring from both a student and faculty-based perspective. Discussion items will include what ‘good mentoring’ looks like, tips for students and faculty to establish their mentoring relationship, and advice for deans.

Langis Roy, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor of Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering
Ontario Tech University

Jennifer Aumiller, M.Ed.
Director, GPILS/OPS Career and Professional Development
Director, Office of Postdoctoral Scholars
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Dovev Levine, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
University of New Hampshire


Elizabeth Kenney, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Research and Creative Activities
Assistant Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Salem State University