October 2020: A note from the NAGS Secretary-Treasurer


The NAGS Executive Committee met recently to discuss planned events for NAGS institutional members during the 2020-21 academic year. The pandemic has posed many challenges for all of us, so we hope to provide some positive news. We are pleased to announce that there will be no charge for any events for any representative from a NAGS member institution who has paid 2020-21 annual dues. 

Here’s what we have planned:

During the fall and winter months, NAGS will host a series of informational webinars each focused on topics that graduate deans and their staff are currently facing. Webinar topics tentatively scheduled for November and December include:

  • Mentoring Graduate Students
  • Student Mental Health

In the spring, the annual meeting will transition to a one day virtual event to be held on Friday, April 9, 2021. The winners of all five student and faculty awards will be announced at the annual meeting. Awards nomination instructions and submission forms can be found here.

NAGS also plans to sponsor two 3MT competitions. The first competition will be held on December 9 (3-5pm) for all institutional 3MT winners who were unable to participate this past spring. The competition will be held live over Zoom. Please see the submission instructions and details on presentation format here.

The second 3MT competition will be held in the spring sometime near the annual meeting date.

The webinars, 3MT competitions, and the annual meeting all provide an excellent opportunity to network with graduate school colleagues from other Northeast institutions, and all of the events are free for current NAGS members. If your institution is not currently a member of the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools, we hope you will consider joining! Renewal notices will be mailed in hard copy to institutional members who have not paid annual dues for 2020-21.

Scott G. Delcourt
NAGS Secretary-Treasurer