NAGS 2022 Annual Meeting Announcement

Dear colleagues:

The Executive Committee of the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools met recently to discuss the annual meeting which is scheduled to be held from March 31 to April 2. While COVID cases seem to be on the decline in both the U.S. and Canada, the travel restrictions that are currently still in place at the U.S. – Canadian border coupled with travel restrictions within Canada and those still imposed by some universities makes having the annual meeting in March difficult to hold. Therefore, the Executive Committee has decided to hold the 2022 annual meeting virtually on Wednesday, April 27, and Thursday, April 28. The annual 3MT competition will follow on the afternoon of April 28 at 2 pm and will also be held virtually.

We had hoped to meet in person this spring and regret that this action has become necessary.  We plan to meet in person in Portsmouth, NH in Spring 2023. The Executive Committee is working to reformat the 2022 meeting agenda into a one-day virtual format. Meeting details will be forthcoming soon.

Scott Delcourt
NAGS Secretary-Treasurer