2015 Annual Meeting

The 2015 Annual Meeting was held in Salem, MA on April 16-17, 2015 at the historic Hawthorne Hotel. Below you will find presentations from the 2015 Annual Meeting along with the final agenda.

Final Agenda (link)

Plenary Session I – The New Face of Graduate Education
Katherine Newman, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Graham Carr, Concordia University (link)

Plenary Session II – CGS Perspective on New Face of Graduate Education

Plenary Session III – Legal Issues: What’s Brewing?
Dianne Kelly, Queen’s University (link)
Daniel Munsch, Carnegie Mellon University (link)

Plenary Session IV – Preparing Faculty and Programs To Go On-line
Sarah B. Steinberg, Frogstone Strategies LLC (link)
Stella Turk, SUNY – New Paltz (link)
Stephen C. Ehrmann, University System of Maryland (link)

Plenary Session V – Bystander Intervention at Your University?
Charlene Senn, University of Windsor
Anne Forrest, University of Windsor
Sharyn Potter, University of New Hampshire

Plenary Session VI – Research Support for Graduate Students: Issues and Models
Philippe-Edwin Belanger, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (link)
M.J. Tooey, University of Maryland – Baltimore (link)
Elizabeth Kenney, Salem State University (link)

Closing Session – Inbox/Outbox: A Day in the Life of a Graduate Dean (link)