2013 Annual Meeting

The 2013 Annual Meeting was held in New Brunswick, NJ on April 11-13, 2013 at the Heldrich Hotel. Below you will find presentations from the 2013 Annual Meeting along with the final agenda.

Final Agenda (link)

Plenary Session I – Academic Integrity and Cultural Difference: Faculty and Student Perspectives
Jennifer Brondell, Binghamton University (link)
Sabine Lehr, University of Victoria (link)

Plenary Session II – Academic Integrity: Bridging the Culture Gap
Rachel Rubin, Georgetown University (link)
James Schaefer, Georgetown University (link)

Plenary Session III – Update on CGS Pathways through Graduate School and into Careers Project (link)

Plenary Session IV – Mapping New Territories: Graduate Program Outcomes and Career Paths
Sarah Wicker, Cornell University (link)
Donna M. Woolcott, Ontario University Council on Quality Assurance (link)

Plenary Session V – Peer Mentoring for Graduate Students: Why and How it Works (link)

Plenary Session VI – University Intellectual Property and Industry Collaboration
Katherine Chou, Thomas Jefferson University (link)
Maria Emanuel, University of New Hampshire (link)