2011 Annual Meeting

The 2011 Annual Meeting was held in Boston, Massachusetts on April 13-16, 2011 at the Omni Parker House. Below you will find presentations from the 2011 Annual Meeting along with the final agenda.

Final Agenda (link)

Plenary Session I – Where have all the students gone? Demography, Destiny and Destination
Deidre Mageean, East Carolina University

Plenary Session II – Reeling Them In: Recruiting Solutions from ETS Innovation Award Winners
Christopher Connor, University of Buffalo
Noreen Golfman, Memorial University
Lissa Matyas, McGill University

Plenary Session III – The Changing Faculty: Attitudes and Expectations of Younger Faculty
Arla Day, Saint Mary’s University
Donald Haviland, California State University – Long Beach

Plenary Session IV – Staying Connected: Institutional Challenges in Tracking Graduate Students after Completion
Nathan Bell, Council of Graduate Schools
Meredith Billings, Tufts University

Plenary Session V – Supporting Students While Protecting Community: Behavioral and Mental Health Issues Amongst Graduate Students
Diane M. Myers, Assumption College
Alan E. Siegel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Medical

Plenary Session VI – New Directions in Master’s Education: PMA’s, PSM’s, and Canadian Master’s
Sally Francis, Council of Graduate Schools
Joan Norris, Wilfred Laurier University
Myron Thompson, University of Buffalo